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This little asshole keeps getting into a bird feeder, so we need to test how small is *too* small


3 inch opening: no problem

2.75 inch opening: Easy

2.5 inch opening: doing fine

2.25 inch opening: Bit of a struggle, but as Mr Meeseeks says: CAAAN DOO!

2 inch opening: Alright, lets try chewing the opening a bit, As long as we get the nuts into the mouth (huhuhu) we good I guess…

Uh-oh… Steve is getting greedy

:insert grunts of effort here:

Taking a break…

The guy who made the original video decided after a long struggle to help Steve out.

A New Challenger approaches!

1.75 inchs: Quote Mr Meseeks: “OOOHHH HE’S TRYING”


He ends up giving up.

Source: Chris Notap - Squirrel ● literally ● bites off more than he can chew !

via imgur

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they certainly do / aka "my big beefy gay wedding"
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